My Process

I treat every project that I work on as if it was my own. My philosophy is the beauty is in the details and the magic is in the feelings that each piece conveys. I want every client to feel safe, satisfied and comfortable with the finish product.

I start every project with a consultation whether phone or in person. This gives me the opportunity to get as much information about what they want to convey, how they want say it and what are the goals of the project.

After the initial consultation I come up with a couple of rough drafts for the client to view. These drafts serve as a gauge to see how close I am to the target of bringing your dream to life. During this process is where any changes are made any ideas are presented and flushed out. The work I do is a collaborative effort. It your dream that you are entrusting me with and I will treat it with the utmost care.

Once the initial design work is approved by you then the overall build and coding , if it is a website , is done. Here you will see your dream in action. You will be able to play with you site and see how the user will view and interact with your site. This part of the process is very important because here we will catch anything that we missed before everything is finalized.

The final part of this process is implementation. Once you are completely satisfied with what you see I will then implement it…. and now you have a quality project done.